Xmas Party Planning Services

Organising a Christmas Party comes with great responsibility. Our priority is to understand your needs and deliver you the highest quality solutions. Our aim is to make the process seamless, enjoyable and rewarding. In addition to presenting suitable options, we will host your site visits, manage the contracting and plan and prepare your event to ensure it is a complete success. We do not make additional charges for this service.
  • We will ascertain a detailed understanding of your individual requirements; including numbers, dates, budget and desired style.
  • We will present a selection of highest quality options at the best rates for your consideration.
  • We will host site visits detailing our vision of your event at each venue.
  • We will manage the contracting process and ensure the highest quality personal service throughout.
  • We will provide complete support in the lead up to your event, preparing detailed event documentation, finalised itinerary and itemised budget.
  • We will use our experience to support any additional requirements regarding accommodation, entertainment, production and transport.
  • We will offer on-site Event Management, ensuring the event is delivered exactly as planned and exceeds your expectations.
  • We will provide full financial reconciliation post event, ensuring that the final invoice matches the proposed final budget.

Just ask and we will ensure that you just relax and ultimately just enjoy.